Silent Sunlight Room

The Q line – winter-garden and curtain wall system present the highest aesthetic taste in the design of the most demanding architectural space envelope in building construction.

The system has a high thermal performance and noise reduction feature that makes a living environment extremely pleasant. All ViewMax’s windows and doors systems are compatible with Q line.

Aluminum vinyl hybrid sunroom system with three different thicknesses, 2⅜”×4¾”; 2⅜”×6”; 2⅜”×7½” steel in the vinyl provides structural strength. An inner vinyl profile is coated with a wooden grain foil and it has high scratch resistance. The outside aluminum cladding profile is powder-coated in a variety of colors, with high resistance to extreme weather condition. This not only means a greater comfort and lower energy bills but it also allows you to fully enjoy your living area and helps the environment by cutting the levels of CO2.

Product features:

  • Aluminum vinyl hybrid profile system with 5 chambers.
  • Two or three panes insulating glass with super spacer, filled with 95% argon
  • Laminated insulating glass or insulated aluminum panel
  • Up to 10 different rubbers
  • Heavy-duty screws and aluminum alloy connectors
  • Efficient drainage system
  • Produced by a digital automated production line

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