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Viewmax manufactures hybrid vinyl aluminum windows and doors as well as aluminum front doors.

Viewmax is a systematic supplier that improves traditional doors and windows manufacture processes with modern information technology. Viewmax has specialized in high-quality German know-how windows and doors. Dozen of series of products include energy-saving systematic doors, windows, curtain walls and other series of products.

Design your home according to your ideas with Viewmax’s windows and doors.

less energy¹
noise reduction²
pay off³

1. Windows and doors with low thermal transmittance value significantly contribute to lower energy consumption for heating and cooling!

2. High residential comfort is achieved by 75% noise reduction!

3. Our products pay off in their lifetime!

Viewmax Home E3 door

E3 – Comfort Silence System

Aluminum Vinyl Hybrid System

Comfort silence E3 windows and doors system line is one of the most popular series with HFL right-angle welding technology applied to guarantee product’s structural strength and overall beauty.

Aluminum vinyl hybrid 5-chamber profile system with excellent sealing and energy-saving performance. Multiple locking points embedded hardware with 15 mm frame and sash overlapping. Two or three pane high-quality insulating glass embedded. Great noise reduction features achieved with thermal factor Uv ≤ 1.078 W/m²K.

P2 – Passive Energy Saving System

Aluminum Vinyl Hybrid System

P2 system line is designed for passive buildings.

Aluminum vinyl hybrid 7-chamber profile system with passive building construction. Multiple locking points embedded hardware with 15 mm frame and sash overlapping. Two or three pane high-quality insulating glass embedding option. Extraordinary noise reduction features and thermal feature with Uv ≤ 1.078 W/m²K.
Approved by German PHI!

Viewmax Home P2 cross section

The Service Life – up to 30 years.

Viewmax Home X1C cross section

X1C – North American System

Aluminum Vinyl Hybrid System

X1-C system line is a solution that includes simple and beautiful advantages of the American-style window but at the same time is enriched with the advantages that are provided by profile designed as a vinyl aluminum combination.

Aluminum vinyl hybrid 7-chamber profile and 5-chamber profile system combination joined together form a unique three sealing points American style solution for outswing awning and casement windows.
Two or three pane high quality insulating glass, greatly reduce outsourced noise and brings thermal quality with Uv ≤ 1.08 W/m²K.

SS2 – Push-Pull Silent System

Aluminum Vinyl Hybrid System

The SS2 series with unique aluminum slide rail form advanced sliding door and sliding window system, designed on the basis of multi-track sliding which provides simple and flexible operation and user-friendly use!

Aluminum vinyl hybrid 11-chamber profile system for frame with five-chamber profile system for sash ensures excellent sealing and energy-saving performance.
Two or three pane IG units glazing options. High noise reduction and significant thermal properties with factor Uv ≤ 1.078 W/m²K.

Viewmax Home SS2 Cross Section


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Viewmax Home Modern Entry Door

Modern entry doors

Thermally Broken Aluminum System

Era of modern and top performance products encourage us to design contemporary the best doors that exist on planet. European standards with latest German technology and know-how was a key role in design of Viewmax’ aluminum door.
Tested in Germany at the IFT and PHI Institute proved top performance and result with CE mark.

Thermally broken aluminum profiles with various decoration material form system with thermal properties for passive building construction for cool climate zone, Uv= 0,75 W/m²K

The service life – lifetime.

Q system

Silent Sunlight Room

System is designed to resist extremely high wind load and to resist heavy severe storms. It is suitable for large surface areas – floor-to-ceiling use.

System utilize multi-chamber vinyl profile with aluminum cladding and strong steel reinforcement all structure-matched screw connecting solution and other unique solutions to guarantee the extremely high strength and security.

Two or three pane high quality insulating glass embedded. Thermal factor Uv ≤ 1.70 W/m 2 K.

The service life – lifetime.

Viewmax Home Q system

Exceptional quality. Beautiful design. Lifetime Service.

Choose the high-end windows and doors technology solution that will last a lifetime.