Who we are!?

Viewmax is a systematic supplier that improves traditional doors and windows manufacture process with modern information technology and realizes the informatization and industrialization of the intensive production of doors and windows.

ViewMax has dozens of types of products, including energy saving systematic doors, windows, curtain walls and other series of products.

ViewMax is devoted to digital technology and scientific research to bring German high-quality system doors, windows and curtain wall products solutions to millions of families.

Viewmax About us

Our Vision

Serve society live a better life and contribute to a better world!

Our Mission

Creating a better world with high end technology implemented in Viewmax doors and windows systems. Making continuous contribution to preserve environment through sustainable development of low energy consuming products!

Corporate values

Never stop the pursuit of perfection!

Ingenuity for life to create a better future: Keep the original intention with ingenuity in the process of development for the best quality! Perfect each detail with craftsmanship spirit, and looking forward to working with our partners to create better future!

ViewMax is a company that values commitment, honest service and win customers by product quality and the best overall service. Customer’s satisfaction is our the most important objective! ViewMax permanently invest in technology research and development and through it continuously improve door and window performance.

ViewMax relentlessly work to increase user’s comfort.

Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.

Vince Lombardi

Viewmax History

March 2020

Viewmax’s Show Room Toronto opened for public


Viewmax’s Show Room Vancouver opened for public

August 2019

  • South Asia Pacific region office opened

April 2019

  • European branch office opened

May 2018

  • Viewmax Intelligent Cloud Platform officially launched, seamlessly connecting all door and window technologies

June 2017

  • Viewmax adopted a robot intelligent production line to start unattended, personal customization and efficient production mode

May 2017

  • Viewmax’s Smart Home Door was successfully developed and passed the German Passive House Institute (PHI) certification and EN 14351-1 conformance, certification body IFT Germany, EU doors and windows CE certification obtained
  •  Viewmax’s intelligent door and window system was successfully developed and applied.

March 2016

  •  Viewmax’s P2 series windows system passed German Passive House (PHI) Certification

March 2015

  • Viewmax’s window system was applied at the first passive projects in Shandong Province
  • Passed German New Energy Agency DENA certification

May 2014

  • Introduced German Industry 4.0 full digital door and window curtain wall production technology

April 2014

  • Viewmax Doors and Windows Co.Ltd. Production Center was officially completed

March 2014

  • Viewmax Windows and Doors Co.Ltd. established

August 2013

  • Viewmax Windows and Doors Ltd. in Toronto Canada established

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